What Do You Know About Your Living Body?

What Do You Know About Your Body?
What Do You Know About Your Body

What Do You Know About Your Body?


What do you Know about Your Body.  Our living bodies are always working, under all conditions, striving to always keep itself functioning at the very highest level possible. It may appear to be “haphazard circumstances” that brings on “pain” and “ill” health, but it is not.  Pain and health are warning signs to the body that we are either doing something to our body that we shouldn’t be doing or not doing something to our body that we should have done.

In Harvey Diamond book called  “Living without Pain” he called it “Natural Hygiene”. Meaning that the human body is always “self-repairing,” “self-healing” and “self-maintaining.” Something that God created in our bodies that is capable of healing itself of any “malady” whatsoever, providing we give it  the opportunity to do so. Also learned from the Mr. Diamond is that is  a mixture of the study of your diet and nutrition. We know that food is a fundamental necessity for living and there are many people out there, telling us what we should eat.

In my study on Health, I have learned two essential things concerning our food. First, we must obtain nutrients to build, repair, and maintain all of the “cells” that comprise our body. Secondly, it a source of energy to carry out all the numerous activities that our body needs to function.

What Do You Know About Your Body?

Based on this, how healthy do you think you will be? What about the energy level that you need to have? How efficiently will your organs function? These question will depend entirely upon the quality of the food you eat but most important, is how well that food that you eat will be digested and utilized in your body.

Our greatest ally in existence concerning our Health is our body.  And all you need to do is learn how to “unleash” and “direct” these capabilities.
That is an “inherited” part of the living body.


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