Weight Loss a Key to Improving Impotence

                                    Weight Loss a Key to Improving Impotence

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Weight Loss a Key to Improving Impotence
Weight Loss a Key to Improving Impotence

Weight Loss a Key to Improving Impotence. I was noticing having experience some side effects while taking my blood pressure medication, so I decided to do a little research on the problem. Doing it not only for me but for others that might have the same similar problem. I found out that “impotence” was a problem experienced by men everywhere, and no matter who you ask, the problem is very unpleasant and embarrassing for men. For some men, it may can be considered a form of “psychologically” damage.

In a lot of cases, impotence is caused as a side effect using medication. Especially men who take “diuretics,” or “water pills,” to even those who use medication to help control their high blood pressure often experience this unpleasant side effect.

In a recent study it suggested that losing weight could help reverse the impotence caused by the use of the medication used for your blood pressure. Researchers have tested  a group of 35 male volunteers on a weight-loss program. And they were all taking medication to control their high blood pressure.

So, after about six months on the weight-loss program, the group lost on an average about 11 pounds each, and the men reported a pleasant benefit of the weight loss: Only three of the group of 35 men suffered from impotence.

Without weight-loss programs, only about 30 percent of men taking high blood pressure medicine experience some problems with impotence. But only 10 percent of the men in the study experienced impotence after losing weight. That mean 90 percent of the men who lost weight didn’t suffer the unpleasant side effect of impotence.

Researchers advise men who are suffering from drug-induced impotence to talk to their doctors about a safe and effective weight-loss program. Losing weight could mean an end to a distressing problem of impotency.

The medical source is from the “Science News.”

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