Things to Improve Your Health

Things to Improve Your Health
Things to Improve Your Health

Things to Improve Your Health. Here are some ways to boost your health and happiness in minutes.

  1. SIPPING ICE WATER. It keeps your cells “hydrated” and burns calories. When you drink something cold, it raises your metabolism to keep your body temperature from falling.  Eight 16 ounce glasses of ice water will burn an extra 200 calories per day.
  2. PRACTICE MEDITATION.  Sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight, relax your shoulders and take a deep breath. Let the air “open” your chest and imagine it filling every cell in your body. Now, hold your breath for a moment, then exhale, to release every bit of tension.
  3. ABDOMINAL EXERCISE. While sitting at your desk or while stuck in traffic. Sit up straight and place your hands on your hips with the thumbs pointing toward your back. Exhale slowly and pushing the last air out “forcefully” with your lower abdominal. Repeat up to 10 times, these exercises are great muscle toners for the lower abdomen.
  4. MENTAL CROSS-TRAINING. This process is when you “stretch” your mind in as many different directions as possible by engaging in a variety of mental and physical activities. Such as word puzzles and any other games that are easy to perform this cross-training. For example pick a random sentence from the newspaper, then rearrange the words to make a new sentence.
  5. CONTROL INDOOR POLLUTION. Whenever possible, keep your windows open.  All gas appliances should be checked annually and properly vented in order to limit output of carbon monoxide. Use exhaust fans in the bathroom, kitchen whenever you use these rooms.
  6. TRIGGER POINT THERAPY. Whenever you feel tense, it is a trigger point. Then feel for a “band” of muscles, then press or squeeze it with moderate pressure. Continue pressing for five to ten seconds, then release.
  7. DO NOTHING. “Lyming” is the Caribbean art of doing nothing. Try using lyming often in order to give your brain time to process all the information it received over the course of the day.

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