Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

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Secrets to Successful Weight Loss
Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

Secrets to Successful Weight Loss


Secrets to Successful Weight Loss. According to the experts, they say that 95% of the people that loss weight gain it back. But the truth about weight loss is that it may not be glum as the experts predict.  A survey done by  “Consumer Reports” found that one in four readers who used “commercial diet programs” had kept off at least two-thirds of the weight they had lost.

But instead of focusing on the percentage that gain the weight back, let look at the people who kept the weight off. It turned out that they had 10 common secrets to there success:

  1. THEY REALLY BELIEVED THAT THEY COULD DO IT.  Most of the people “surveyed” had lost and regained their weight many times before they were able to keep it off. They didn’t give up.
  2. THEY DID IT FOR THEMSELVES TO LOSS WEIGHT and not for someone else.
  3. THEY FOUND OUT WHAT WORKED FOR THEM. There goal might have been a little above the ideal weight chosen, but they didn’t want to starve themselves to get there.
  4. THEY WERE WILLING TO LEARN A NEW WAY OF EATING, for their life. Instead of many “dieters” going back to their old eating habits once they lose the weight. That is way most “dieters” regain the weight.
  5. IF THEY SLIP-UP, ACTION IS TAKING IMMEDIATE TO CORRECT IT. They have a narrow window of weight regain (typically 5 to 10 pounds). When their weight exceeds this area, they do what’s necessary to lose it.
  6. THEY TALK NICE THINGS TO THEMSELVES. Negative self-talk can be disastrous. But positive and encouraging messages even when they mess up can be encouraging.
  7. THEY EXERCISE. The have managed to find simple activities like walking to fit into their daily routine.
  8. THEY FACE THEIR FEELINGS. Many learned to get to the source of their negative emotion by noticing their feeling and figuring out a way to solve the problem.
  9. THEY ENJOYED LIFE. They found ways to reward themselves without food.
  10. THEY GOT SUPPORT.  When tempted to overeat, they call a friend to encourage them.

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