Remedies When Arthritis Flare-Up

Remedies When Arthritis Flare-Up
Remedies When Arthritis Flare-Up

Remedies When Arthritis Flare-Up

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Remedies when Arthritis Flare-Up. Let’s look at some action steps to take when battling with that relentless enemy of Arthritis:

    1. “REST.” One of the best weapon against arthritis is a good balance between rest and exercise. Getting a good night’s sleep, plus a nap in the morning and afternoon, helps take pressure off your joints and rests tired muscles.
    2. “BALANCE YOUR REST.” According to experts, they suggest a gentle exercise. Exercise builds muscle strength and helps prevent stiffness and loss of motion. One of the best forms of exercise for people with arthritis is “swimming” in a mildly heated pool. Even if you can’t swim, you can still enjoy gentle exercise in the shallow part of the pool.
    3. “HEAT.” Use heat to relieve the pain that comes with the arthritis. Try soaking in a warm tub and using a “heating pad” or “hot pack” to help ease the pain to your joints. Elderly patients should avoid hot tubs and whirlpools, because the water is often too hot and may cause a strain on the heart.
    4. “MESSAGES.” Gentle massages can also help to relieve your stiff, aching muscles. Using heat and massages regularly provides great relief from arthritis pain.
    5. “EASE UP ON THE JOINTS.” Walkers and properly fitted canes can help improve your balance, relieve tired muscles and provide stability. But the cane or walker must “fit” your needs. A cane or walker that’s too tall or too short can”magnify” arthritic pain and discomfort.
    6. “EASE STRESS.” Simple devices in the home can also help ease stress on arthritic joints and improve safety. To get around better, consider using raised chairs and toilet seats, shower chairs, grab bars in bathrooms and non-slippery rugs and bathmats. Take away the need to stretch by installing lowered closet shelves and bars. And replace buttons and zippers with “Velcro-closures” to help ease the stress on arthritic hands and arms.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the “Arthritis Foundation”

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