Reduce Colon Cancer with Your Diet

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Reduce Colon Cancer with Your Diet
Reduce Colon Cancer with Your Diet

Reduce Colon Cancer with Your Diet. Did you know that Colon Cancer is “rare” in regions  where vegetables and grains make up the bulk of your diet.  But in the United States and other western nations where the diet is largely meat. The problem exist more.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains prevents colon cancer.  The “American Cancer Society” recommends at least five servings of these foods each day.

Now, it is hard to determine exactly which components of this healthy group are the protectors, but researchers has keyed in on several candidates: Reduce Colon Cancer with Your Diet.

  • LOW FAT. There is a link between dietary fat and colon cancer. Because the “Fats” boost the body’s production of “bile” acids, which promote cell growth.
  • HIGH FIBER. This moves the “indigestible” part of the plant based foods, causing the fiber to move through the bowel more quickly to reduce its contact with “cinogens” and “bile” acids.  Wheat bran is more protective than fruit and vegetable fiber. It is recommended that you get at least 25 grams of dietary fiber per day. Getting if from whole grain cereals, breads, vegetables, fruits and beans.
  • CALCIUM. Some studies have shown that calcium protects the colon by “neutralizing” bile acids and fatty acids. It is suggested to consume at least a thousand milligrams of calcium each day, thru diet not supplements.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS. It has shown that low blood levels of vitamin C and vitamin E and beta-carotene seems to confer an increase risk of colon cancer. So, you must eat a lots of citrus fruits and both dark-green and yellow vegetables. Because these are the best sources of “antioxidants.” And this will help in your fight against Colon Cancer. Reduce Colon Cancer with Your Diet.

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