Plain Truth About Healthy Eating

Plain Truth About Healthy Eating

Plain Truth About Healthy Eating
Plain Truth About Healthy Eating


Plain Truth About Healthy Eating. When we follow the rules for healthy eating, the only problem is that the rules are hard to understand.

Because the “rules” are just good advice from the “American Heart Association” and the “National Cholesterol Education Program.” They recommend “dietary” guidelines for adults to prevent heart and blood vessel diseases by lowering cholesterol in the blood. And once translated, the guidelines are really quite simple.

There are two things you need to know about: The first thing is “fat.”

The human body stores fat as a form of fuel for “muscles” and “organs.” It is like the gas for the body’s engine. Just like there are different kinds of gasoline, there are different kinds of fats that you can eat, and the body uses some fats more efficiently than others.

Now, the most important fuel for the body is “unsaturated” fats. And the least efficient fuel for the body is “saturated” fats.  The difference between the two is the way the molecules are put together. The easy way to remember the difference is that the saturated fats are solid at room temperature.

They usually include: animal lard, solid cooking shortening and most butters and margarine. These are the ones, you should cut back on.

Unsaturated fats are usually liquid at room temperature. This includes most liquid shortening and liquid forms of margarine. These are the better ones to use.

The second thing to know is “cholesterol.” It is a substance that is made by all cells in animal bodies. Your body requires a minimum amount of cholesterol, but it usually makes all it needs internally.

Plants cannot make cholesterol in their cells. So, the sources of dietary cholesterol obviously come from animal sources, such as eggs, meats and some dairy products.

Although you might want to lower the amount of cholesterol in your diet, you might not want to eliminate all foods from animal sources. These foods contain valuable nutrients. Instead, eat smaller amounts of these food.

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