Physical Exercise for Asthmatic People

Physical Exercise for Asthmatic People


Physical Exercise for Asthmatic People
Physical Exercise for Asthmatic People

Physical Exercise for Asthmatic People. Many scientific studies have shown that the right kind of physical exercise in asthmatic people greatly increase their “heart” and “lung health.” It will also increase their “self-esteem” and “decrease” the amount of energy it takes to do certain tasks.

Because the more you exercise, the more your lungs expands, allowing you to breathe, and the harder it is to induce an asthma episode. In other words, people in bad shape suffer from exercise induced asthma more quickly. But those in good shape from exercising have to be working extremely hard to trigger an asthma episode.

Scientists maintain that people suffering from “mild” to “moderate” asthma can perform and tolerate most forms of physical exercise or physical activities if they develop their exercise program carefully.

Follow these simple steps to design your own exercise program:

  • Take the medicines your doctor prescribed regularly. If you do not take your medicines properly, you are setting yourself up for problems when you try to exercise.
  • Take a puff or two from your inhaler about 15 minutes before you begin exercising, just to open your lung passageways a bit.
  • Begin warming up before you start any strenuous exercises.
  • Start your exercises or your physical activity. This could be walking, cycling, aerobics, swimming, or any other type of aerobic exercise. If you start having symptoms, try to continue exercising at the same rate (or a little slower) and work through them. Inhale a puff your inhaler if necessary to help the symptoms pass.
  • After the symptoms pass, start pushing a little harder on your exercises. Push as much as your body will let you, you will know when to slow down.
  • After the hard portion of your workout, start a slow cool down process.
  • Try to exercise in warm, humid environments.
  • Always carry your medication with you to the gym, to the pool, or in your pocket if you cycle, jog, etc.
  • People with asthma should check with their doctor about an exercise program that is safe for them.

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