Is Sunglasses only for Fashion?

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Is Sunglasses only for Fashion?
Is Sunglasses only for Fashion?

Is Sunglasses only for Fashion?


Is Sunglasses only for Fashion? For many people, they are the “key” to better vision. Because sunglasses with a “yellow-tint” are common among among people who live in areas were their is a lot of sunlight glare, and the reason why is very simple. Is because the yellow-tint helps to improve vision.

The yellow filters in lenses for sunglasses cut out the short (ultraviolet and blue) light wavelengths. These wavelengths are damaging and can also cause a blurring effect.

Wearing glasses with the “yellow filter” improves several aspects of the persons vision, including the “contrast sensitivity” and “apparent brightness” under daylight conditions.

To test the positive effects of the yellow filter, researchers studied 20 children who suffered from a visual disorder known as “binocular amblyopia.” With addition tests included, each child was to read normal print through four colored overlays presented in random order: yellow, red, blue, and green.

All of the children agreed that the yellow overlay improved their vision greatly, and none preferred any other color. The researchers then gave the children yellow-tinted glasses to wear for three months.

And when they were retested three months later, their vision was better. Six of the children had permanent improvement, even when they weren’t wearing yellow-tinted glasses.

The yellow-tint seems to cut the effects of the blue wavelengths of light that cause a blurring known as “chromatic aberration.”

Wearing the yellow-tinted glasses also helped the children develop the mechanisms for coping with “chromatic aberration” that apparently hadn’t developed normally in them.

If your vision seems blurred or hazy in sunlight, consider talking to your eye doctor about yellow-tinted sunglasses. And you will be glad that you talked to your doctor about it.

The information came from a medical source booklet, that is very informative in many health matters, it is called “The Lancet.”

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