Hypertension Cures Worse Than The Disease

   Hypertension Cures Worse Than The Disease

Hypertension cures worse than the Disease
Hypertension Cures Worse than the Disease



Hypertension Cures be Worse Than The Disease. Some who use prescription drugs to control high blood pressure might say that the cure is worse than the disease. Because a lot of them complaint of having dizziness and headaches being incoherent in their thought. Many people complain also that their blood pressure medication causes them to feel “down” and “tired.” They don’t sleep well. it is hard to concentrate, or they feel “less sharp.”

And nearly 4 out 10 people stop taking their blood pressure medication because of the side effects, according to some studies.

Some will say that these complaint reports might actually be confused with the effects of high blood pressure itself.

In fact, some researchers have prove that even when a placebo is substituted for the blood pressure medication, it causes the same effects in almost 1 out of every 4 tested.

They feel “worse” after taking their medicine just because they are paying closer attention to their symptoms. A couple of  suggestion might improve their results from high blood pressure medicine:

  1. Have your spouse or someone who lives with you discuss you hypertension with you and your doctor. Your spouse has probably noticed your symptoms and can help you give a more accurate picture of your high blood pressure symptoms and your reaction to the medicine.
  2. Try to adopt a positive attitude toward your treatment. This will help. Because many people do feel better after taking their High Blood Pressure Medication and they usually don’t suffer any bad side effects. It all works for them.

Be sure to talk with your doctor if you are concerned about hypertension or side effects from your high blood pressure medicine.

The Medical Source is from: The “Archives of Internal Medicine.”


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