Healthy Habits that Helps Cancer Prevention

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Healthy Habits that Helps Cancer Prevention
Healthy Habits that Helps Cancer Prevention

Healthy Habits that Helps Cancer Prevention


Healthy Habits that helps Cancer Prevention. Just hearing the word “Cancer” sends chills up your spline. But you don’t have to just be helpless, not knowing what to do to avoid it.

The best way to avoid cancer is to prevent it. And you have the ideal means of protection right  at your fingertips.  By your own healthy habits can be the “natural key” to cancer prevention.

Smoking is responsible for almost a third of all cancers. Poor diet causes another third of all the cancers in the United States.

So here are some simple ways you can protect yourself:

  • Stop smoking now, and your chances will begin to improve right away.
  • When you are planning your meals, choose foods that have more fiber and less fat.
  • For early detection of cancer talk to your doctor about the tests that are right for you.

In this article, it is beyond the scope to try to tell you how to “treat yourself,” for cancer or even cancer symptoms. you simply can’t and shouldn’t treat yourself for such a serious condition. Expert medical care is required, from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation.

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However, there are a number of things that you can do to help prevent “cancerous” conditions from arising. The information is based on recent medical research, but it can’t take the place of your own personal doctor, nor should it. You should immediately seek medical advice if you have any of cancer’s warning signs or if you suspect you have the disease. There is no substitute for competent medical help. Prevention includes:

Broccoli or some other kind of fruit or vegetable, that is. And you need it five times each day, says the National Cancer Institute.

The scientific evidence for the cancer-fighting effects of fruits and vegetables is growing. And are helpful in fighting many types of cancer, a recent review suggested that a “fruity” and “leafy” diet seems to be the most effective against lung, mouth, stomach, colon, rectal, bladder and cervical cancers.

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