Decreasing Fat and Cholesterol in Your Diet

                        Decreasing Fat and Cholesterol in Your Diet

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Decreasing Fat and Cholesterol in Your Diet
Decreasing Fat and Cholesterol in Your Diet


Since we are all trying everyday to improve our health. What better way to do this than  my reducing our fat and cholesterol in our diets. Through a little research, I have found some helpful tips that you might consider as helpful in doing just that.


Decreasing Fat and Cholesterol in Your Diet:

  1. “AVOID FRIED FOODS.” Instead of frying your meats, instead bake or broil your meats in a broiler pan so that the fats in the meat will drip into the pan rather than stay in the meat.
  2. “EAT ONLY LEAN MEATS.” Things such as fish, chicken and turkey because they have the least amount of fat. But if you need more variety,  avoid what is called “well-marbled” cuts of beef and make sure you try to trim as much fat off the meat before cooking it.
  3. It is suggested that you “EAT NO MORE THAN ONLY FIVE TO SIX OUNCES” of meat each day, no matter what kind of meat it is.
  4. “MAKE SURE YOU USE LOW-FAT DAIRY PRODUCTS.” Thing like low-fat milk and cheese, because you usually can’t notice the difference in taste.
  5. “MAKE SURE YOU USE ONLY MARGARINE” that contain “one” gram of saturated fat or less per spoonful. Did you know that most tub margarine’s fit into this category. I suggest that liquid margarine’s will be better. Make sure you check the labels.
  6. Make sure you use “Lite” condiments, when possible.  For example, “lite” mayonnaise and salad dressings usually have about half the fat of most normal brands. Decreasing Fat and Cholesterol in Your Diet.
  7. “USE SUBSTITUTES.” For example, frozen egg substitutes and butter, cheese and cream-flavored powders make good low-fat alternative.

Further medical sources can be found in the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition.”

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