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Remedies When Arthritis Flare-Up

Remedies When Arthritis Flare-Up Nutritional Supplements Remedies when Arthritis Flare-Up. Let’s look at some action steps to take when battling with that relentless enemy of Arthritis: “REST.” One of the best weapon against arthritis is a good balance between rest and exercise. Getting a good night’s sleep, plus a nap in the morning and afternoon, helps …

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Controlling Your Cholesterol Without Using Drugs

Controlling Your Cholesterol Without Using Drugs Controlling your cholesterol without using drugs. In most cases for lowering Cholesterol, statin drugs are among the most widely used.  Although statins are safe for most people, they can cause diarrhea, muscle pain or liver damage in up to 10% of patients.  In addition, they have a large price …

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Getting Rid of Hiccups?

Getting Rid of Hiccups?   GETTING RID OF HICCUPS? It never fails just when your are about to make an important presentation, or engage in a serious conversation, you start hiccuping. It is very “distracting” and “embarrassing.”  And you need to get rid of them immediately. So, what do you do? You can try messaging …

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